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Best Altcoin to invest in 2021



Best Altcoin to invest in 2021

What are the best altcoin to invest in 2021? Yes, for those who have long belonged to the ecosystem, it is mainly to make money by trading with Bitcoin, but after the success of Bitcoin, other altcoins or alternative coins were introduced.

Currently, with so many altcoin to invest in the industry, it is important to understand which are the best investments or the most promising altcoins in 2021 and beyond.

Despite the new international cryptocurrency agreement , certain tokens still have the potential to surpass barriers in the event of a devaluation of the renminbi in 2019.

In drawing up the list, due to its index, we do not consider the current index volatility but we have to consider parameters such as liquidity, market capitalization most importantly – innovation!

Would you like to see our top 6 as optimistic as we are?

List of top six altcoins to invest :

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum  ETH has experienced an eventful year last year. Although there are some technical obstacles, it is full of innovative ideas.


Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum ETH digitizes its transactions based on smart contracts used by top projects.

The main role of Ethereum’s  ETH success or failure depends on its fork update and durability altcoin to invest .

The main principles behind the development are modularity, simplicity, agility and non-discrimination. Smart contracts have become an important aspect of the blockchain ecosystem.

It managed to attract some application developers to join the protocol, which resulted in many DApps protocol support (decentralized applications).

The platform has made great contributions, but there is still room for improvement.

Ethereum ETH is second only to Bitcoin. Despite the problems surrounding ETH 2.0 and the recent FUD, it can be said to be the second most widely used cryptocurrency altcoin to invest.

2019 appeared to the center of the financial (DeFi) almost all items Square Ethernet technology.

Many financial service providers and lending digital assets, such as complex financial or MakerDAO of DeFi ecosystem has made great contributions, currently showing sustained double-digit growth.

Currently, the community is eagerly waiting for the ETH2 upgrade to ensure that Ethereum becomes the blockbuster of tomorrow’s innovative financial products.

It has great potential to rise from its current position, almost cementing its position as the best altcoin in 2021.

In addition to encrypted transactions

  • Ethereum has also gained popularity in the gambling field. Players bet on their ether to earn more.
  • Even coming artists through the platform also called a “network” of riding a trend Ethernet Square amplification of artto provide change for artists to showcase their works. Artists and users can get rewards through donations, tips and comments.
  • WeifuThis is an Ethernet Square on the ecosystem and the development of a venture capital, and as a crowdfunding platform, the experience is similar to GoFundMe, Kickstarter and so the best solution.

Where to buy ETHCoinbase , Binance , Kun, etc.


Federal Currency (BNB)

BNB was launched in 2017 ICO as a measure to expand the Binance Exchange platform.

Binance is an important competitor of Titan with competitive prices in the market. After the platform was launched, it was well received by the community.

Binance has successfully won the global influence of users all over the world. An coins currency did not show any signs of stopping enormous growth figures and statistics in order to understand its current dominant position in the market.

In addition to encrypted transactions

From a larger perspective, Binance coins show higher value in uses other than Binance Exchange. In the course of a year, various uses of BNB have exploded.

  • One of BNB in the real world application example is its recent investment in start-up companies in Australia TravelbyBi The company already provides the ability to use the BNB to pay for more than 150 issues, including Brisbane Airport, including. The partnership between the two companies will eliminate the hassle of using BNB on all TravelbyBit affiliate merchants.
  • In the past year, BNB was used to withdraw cash on encrypted ATM machines through the following methods : Zelacoyneand obtained loans through NEXO .
  • BNB can also be purchased on the encryption-based social media network investment feedsthrough API integration.
  • It has also been used as a gift token for the real-time streaming service Uplive. Social media influencers have also won BNB for being famous on certain social media platforms.
  • Binance trading platform has also surpassed Bentley Charity.This is the world’s first blockchain-powered donation event dedicated to transparent charity. Currently, it is actively raising funds for the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide.

Where to buy BNB: Binance , Bentley America , Bit-Z, etc.


ChainLink (link)

ChainLink’s ICO was held in 2017, 35 billion LINK tokens were issued, and a record gain of $10 million.

Chainlink has been declared as one of them and has ruled our hearts. The best performing cryptocurrency in 2019.

chain link

Chainlink’s work is a bit offbeat, because it links smart contracts to external off-chain and actual data. Most blockchain platforms that rely on external data to thrive have taken advantage of this exclusivity provided by ChainLink.

Obviously, this is for MarketCap to exceed $100 million!

It has two main architectural components, namely on-chain infrastructure and off-chain infrastructure, which bridge the gap between on-chain smart contracts and off-chain business and data altcoin to invest.

Currently, ChainLink interfaces with smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain and aims to operate with multiple networks in the future.

In addition to encrypted transactions

  • The cooperation relationship with SWIFT is the most significant. It connects 11,000 financial institutions around the world and becomes a widely accepted network related to payments and securities.
  • It and LinkPal havecompleted a decentralized custodial application using smart contracts to support P2P transactions between ETH and PayPal without counterparty risk.
  • Smart marketing campaignsusing intelligent marketing automation contract payment mechanism by ChainLink Oracle altcoin to invest.

Where to buy LINK: Binance , Bentley America , Coinbase, etc.

TomoChain (TOMO)

Between 2010 and 2013, the blockchain lacked scalability and interoperability.

But everything comes with TomoChain, which aims to help platforms such as Ethereum reduce the problems caused by scalability and interoperability.


Scalability and interoperability are critical to realizing the potential of blockchain.

One of the main functions of the blockchain is to change the global financial system.

But major blockchains like Ethereum can only process 15 transactions per second. Compare it to Visa and Mastercard, which process 6,000 transactions per second altcoin to invest !

TomoChain knows that this is feasible and has introduced sharding and equity voting solutions to overcome these problems. The result will be 5,000 transactions per second, and considering its potential, it can also reach 20,000 transactions per second!

TomoChain is very promising, but the only thing missing is that it will try its best to show its presence. This is a good idea, but it must be promoted.

In addition to encrypted transactions

  • WisePass, a lifestyle membership application provides services for more than 300 restaurants, hotels and bars. The platform accepts TOMO tokens as a payment method.
  • Constantis a cryptocurrency lending platform that accepts TOMO as collateral.
  • NOIA network, distributed content delivery network startups will issue NOIA tokens on TomoChain

Where to buy TOMO: Binance , KuCoin , Hotbit, etc.

Ripple (XRP)

Ruibo currency is both a platform and a currency. It is an open source protocol designed to allow cheaper and faster transactions.

Ripple has all the qualities to dominate the international circuit. The platform has its own currency (XRP), but it also allows everyone to use the platform to create their own currency through RippleNet.


XRP acts as an intermediary between cryptocurrency and fiat exchanges. Unlike Bitcoin or Ethereum, it does not have a blockchain.

In order to run and verify transactions, it has a consensus algorithm called Ripple Protocol (RPCA). Ripple definitely has the potential to rise in 2021.

In addition to encrypted transactions

It has launched a formal social impact plan called “Ripple for Good”, which pools $250,000 and approximately $80 in donations to invest in education and financial inclusion.

Ripple has been committed to putting the focus of charities on educational programs in the fields of science, technology, and financial technology.

It has donated $170,000 to 50 universities around the world, contributing to blockchain and fintech education. University blockchain research program. 

Where to buy XRP Binance , Bentley America , Coinbase, etc.


The primary focus of MXC is data exchange in a decentralized ecosystem.

It has an excellent team of experts and is committed to becoming the largest IoT data exchange platform in history!

The team created a unique platform that can be used as a platform for collecting, storing, and monetizing data in a fast and efficient manner without sacrificing security altcoin to invest.

MXC uses LPWAN technology to implement the data flow protocol. Data innovation gives MXC a strategic advantage to remain relevant and popular in 2021 and beyond.

In addition to encrypted transactions

MXC have begun to implement smart city a new data stream standards of the world’s major cities.

The plan will make MXC the most valuable cryptocurrency on the exchange market altcoin to invest.

MXC has established an encouraging partnership, but still needs to work with more cities to increase its influence on a global scale.

Where to buy MXC: Huobi ,, etc.

To sum up:

Despite their flaws, these altcoins are arguably the best. In a short period of time, innovation and exchange of ideas have helped these platforms and tokens stand out and transcend their history.

It is important to put money in the future. These altcoins represent great ideas, making them a sound investment in 2021 and beyond.

altcoin to invest As always, this article aims to provide educational knowledge and provide you with insights about this growing market and new and exciting projects.

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