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High-quality, inexpensive and promising cryptocurrency in 2020-21



promising cryptocurrency

High-quality, inexpensive and promising cryptocurrency in 2020-21 The cryptocurrency market is flooded with all kinds of altcoins. But are they worth investing in? Our answer is yes. You should always diversify your cryptocurrency investment portfolio. The crypto market is very young and continues to change. This gives you the opportunity to try out cheap altcoins. This is our list of cheap cryptocurrencies that will surge in value in 2020.

Before investing in cryptocurrency

The most trusted digital currencies are those that are most popular among traders and cryptocurrency investors. However, the companies that ended up in the top 10 started very small-even Bitcoin. Here are some signs of the promise of digital currencies:

  • High liquidity,
  • Stable growth rate,
  • Prospects for the further development of the ecosystem,
  • The reputation of the developer.

All in all, you should always conduct your own research on the cryptocurrency you want to invest in. Never invest more than you can afford.

1. Chainlink (LINK)

Chainlink cryptocurrency promotes interaction between consumers and suppliers of goods or services. Due to the active integration of blockchain technology into the lives of ordinary people, the demand for the currency has increased greatly recently. ChainLink appeared in the United States in 2017. The development team is SmartContract, which was established in San Francisco in 2014 promising cryptocurrency.

Chainlink has developed a technology that forms channels between different data providers through blockchain technology. He created Oracle that ensures the implementation of smart contracts between cryptographic infrastructure and third-party information sources. This allows you to create information networks between multiple companies. Except for smart contracts, such networks are not supervised by anyone else and are essentially decentralized promising cryptocurrency.

Chainlink allows all network operators (ie, information providers) to obtain their tokens, LINK. Participants will receive a certain amount of tokens as a reward for using smart contracts with Chainlink Oracle and included in the network promising cryptocurrency.



From an investment perspective, Chainlink looks like a very attractive project. Here, you can view the list of confirmed partners:

  • Dapps Inc
  • Google Cloud
  • IOST
  • Celer
  • ETHA
  • RTrade Technologies Ltd
  • ConsenSys
  • Matic etc.

According to the CoinMarketCap chart, the profitability of investing in cryptocurrencies is estimated to have reached hundreds of percent at the time of release. Even during a period of sharp decline in the cryptocurrency market, the exchange rate will not fall below the initial price multiplied by 2. Now the market may be stabilizing, and we can count on it to continue to grow promising cryptocurrency.


2. Attention coin (BAT)

Attention Coin (BAT) is a functional token created specifically for the Brave browser on the Ethereum platform. It was launched in 2015 by the famous American programmer Brendan Eich, the creator of the Mozilla browser and JavaScript language.

Eich provides a fundamentally different form of interaction, which is beneficial to both parties. The user chooses whether to watch the advertisement, and the browser monitors its activity in real time. In order for this mechanism to work, BAT coins are needed. These are internal tokens used for calculations in the Brave browser.

You can then withdraw BAT coins to a cryptocurrency exchange and exchange for other tokens

Basic Attention Token

So, why is it profitable to invest or just use Brave and earn BAT coins?

  • First, the creators of browsers and cryptocurrencies launched a huge membership program aimed at promoting the project. Many YouTube channels, well-known blogs and websites are rewarded for recommending Brave to their users.
  • Secondly, the Attention Coin project ensures the support of the anonymous Tor browser and DuckDuckGo search engine. This news has a positive impact on the market dynamics of the BAT coin, and the cooperation between the two parties itself will certainly expand the user base of Brave.

3. Synthetix Network Token (SNX)

Synthetix Network Token (SNX) is a platform network token that allows you to create online assets that can track the value of real assets. SNX coin is the core of the Synthetix network, it allows people to participate in and support the creation of Synths. In turn, Synthetix Assets allows everyone to benefit from asset ownership without actually owning them promising cryptocurrency.

download 2

The Synthetix project appeared at the end of 2017 and was called Havven. The Synthetix network token runs on the Ethereum network and is an ERC-20 standard token. SNX coins are used as rewards for using these tokens for collateral and minting. Every week, SNX holders who reserve tokens will receive their share of equity rewards. Rewards must be collected within 2 weeks after receipt. All rewards not received in time will be added back to the entire SNX reward pool.

Synthetix is ​​a promising project in the Ethereum ecosystem. The Synthetix network token is the core of the Synthetix network. It allows people to participate in and support the creation of Synths.

4. DxChain Token (DX)

With the help of the decentralized DxChain data exchange platform, users can own and control their own data, as well as safely trade and analyze data. Using blockchain technology with multiple nodes and distributed storage, the cost of retrieving and storing data is also significantly reduced.

DX coin is the main token of the network protocol. DX currency is a safe and basic payment method between network members. The computing and storage providers required to run various applications and transactions will be rewarded with DX coins. Miners can also receive DX coins based on the usefulness of the work they passively provide.

The project is very ambitious because it focuses on data storage and computing, as well as moving Hadoop to a decentralized environment. It also aims to provide the largest storage space in the world.

5. Yuan one coin (SEELE)

SEELE provides a highly scalable neural consensus algorithm. Yuanyicoin is a next-generation public blockchain infrastructure project. The ecosystem uses Matrix Proof of Work (mPoW). mPoW requires miners to use a hash function to calculate the determinant of a sub-matrix from a matrix constructed with n hash values, instead of using brute force hashing to find the target. It consists of several steps, which can effectively prevent ASIC and GPU from dominating the network.

1 chinese yuan coin national emblem obverse 1

The project launched the mainnet in 2019, and the token exchange rate has recently increased. If we look at the price chart of cryptocurrency, we can see that the token may be a good investment in 2019 and 2020.

6. Centrality (CENNZ)

Centrality is a venture capital studio that has concluded agreements with leading innovators from various industries to create an application market. These applications allow consumers to manage their daily tasks by transmitting peer-to-peer transactions. In order to gain access to all services, it is enough to run on the platform once, and it is executed using blockchain technology.


CENNZ coin is a token that connects the entire Centrality ecosystem. CENNZ coins are used as in-app currency and rewards for customers. You can use CENNZ coins to buy real goods. As the demand for the platform increases, the exchange rate of its cryptocurrency also increases.

7. Young mold coin (OMG)

OmiseGo is a blockchain platform used to exchange currencies, cryptocurrencies, and conduct real-time transactions in any corner of the worlddownload 3

The OmiseGo platform combines cryptocurrency and multiple legal currencies. Through this framework, every user can successfully exchange between cryptocurrency and fiat currency. The buyer pays in a way that is convenient for them, while the seller receives their preferred currency as the method of payment. This is just a brief overview of how the platform works.

In 2018, the OmiseGO team signed a cooperation agreement with Shinhan Bank, one of the largest banks in South Korea. OmiseGO can be used as a long-term investment to make your investment portfolio more diversified.

Cheap or expensive?

What you should never do is exchange without a plan and give in to the hype. You need to decide for yourself why you want to buy the asset, and the perspective the asset may or may not have. If your investment purpose is to save, then perhaps you should not buy anything other than Bitcoin. This is why it is sometimes referred to as digital gold, because there is nothing more reliable than this type of digital ingot in a crypto exchange.

Bitcoin is advertised everywhere. It is the most respected cryptocurrency and is constantly predicted to grow, but in the financial world, there is nothing worse than succumbing to the emotions of the crowd. If the asset shows false growth, the price of the altcoin may increase significantly after the correction begins.

If investors are willing to take greater risks and are willing to follow the main trends in the market, then they can draw up a profitable investment portfolio even in the ever-changing market environment.


Buying cryptocurrency can only be profitable through long-term investment. Due to its high volatility, no one can guarantee short-term profit. Rely on your inner intuition, knowledge and experience to choose the cryptocurrency you should invest in 2020-2021. If you like a certain token and believe in its technology and future prospects, then buy the token

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