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What is CPU mining? Best cryptocurrency to mine with CPU



CPU mining

What is CPU mining? Best cryptocurrency to mine with CPU:

CPU mining (central processing unit) is the most primitive mining mode. Just download the digital wallet and mining installation package on your personal computer, and run the mining program.

It is suitable for some currencies with low computing power and low difficulty. (The specific computing power and difficulty can be queried on the relevant website). Different currencies have different benefits.

CPU mining mainly uses idle equipment. The advantage is low cost and easy operation. On January 3, 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto dug up the first Bitcoin block-Genesis Block on a small server in Helsinki, Finland , and received a reward of 50 Bitcoins .

At that time, the mining tool used by Satoshi Nakamoto was the CPU. We know that ordinary computers are equipped with CPUs, so the mining threshold at that time was low. You can mine with a home computer, and everyone can be a miner.

What is CPU Mining :

Can I mine with a computer CPU? Some friends may ask questions. In fact, Bitcoin was mined with CPU at the beginning, but with in-depth research on the mining algorithm, everyone found that the original mining was repeated.

As a general computing unit, the CPU is designed with many modules such as branch prediction units, register units, etc., which are not helpful at all for improving computing power. Therefore, CPU began to be gradually eliminated, and GPU miners began to take the lead.

Take BTC as an example. Its most basic algorithm principle is to take all transactions within 10 minutes as an input and add a random number. When all transaction records within 10 minutes add your random number to calculate a SHA256 hash.

There are almost all integer operations inside. This is basically like a special design for a graphics card. The graphics card is very suitable for this kind of brainless algorithm. The more stream processors, the more the advantage.

As far as Hash calculation is concerned, it is almost all independent and concurrent integer calculations, and GPUs are simply designed and produced for this.

Compared with CPU’s poor 2-8 threads and surprisingly long control judgment and scheduling branches, GPU can easily perform concurrent integer calculations of hundreds of threads (brainless brute force cracking without any judgment is the strength of A card).

In addition, the CPU is not good at performing parallel operations at all, and can perform at most a dozen tasks at a time.

This is too far from the graphics card which has thousands of stream processors. The graphics card is too high, so everyone slowly develops for the graphics card. Produce the corresponding mining algorithm for mining.

If CPU must be used for mining, how long does it take to mine a bitcoin:

First, I will explain to you a concept-Hash function. The hash function is a function that can map data of any length to data of a fixed length.

The value returned by a hash function is called a hash value, hash code, hash, or directly hash. One use case is a hash table, which is widely used to quickly search data.

The generation of Bitcoin is calculated by continuously colliding hash values, and the popular method is to calculate the number of correct answers.

The CPU of an ordinary notebook computer can count 800-1000 times per second, and a mid-range graphics card can count more than 2000 times.

This is why the price of graphics cards has been soaring from the beginning of 2017 to the present. In 2017, advanced graphics cards The price has almost doubled.

For example, mining is equivalent to throwing 100 million dice out of a number less than one hundred and fifty. Whoever throws it out first gets the right to bookkeeping. 100 million and 50 is a hash value.

The process of throwing dice is called hash collision, and the unit of mining power is how many hash collisions per second. Let me show you the table of hash power units.

Using a computer with cpu i7, 6700k, 16G memory configuration as the test platform, its computing power is about 1.8GH/s, which is 0.0018TH/S, and it is digging 24 hours a day, and the income is 0.00000021 bitcoins. It is not negligible. To mine at this rate, it will take 13,000 years to dig a single bitcoin… my God.

What is the approximate price of bitcoins dug out every day? Calculated based on the average price of bitcoins on major platforms today, 74,973 yuan, this host equipped with tens of thousands can dig up more than one-fifth cents worth of bitcoins at full power a day.

So those who want to make money while mining LOL should go to bed.

So why is Bitcoin so difficult to mine? And what kind of computing power does a professional mining machine have? For example, the computing power of an Ant S9 mining machine is equivalent to 13.5TH/S, which is equivalent to the total computing power of 7500 1080ti graphics cards.

A medium-sized mine has hundreds of such mining machines, and its computing power is really amazin

Cryptocurrency that uses CPU for mining:

Currently, if you choose a digital currency running on the Cryptonight cryptocurrency algorithm to start CPU mining, you can get the most benefits, such as:

Monero , Bytecoin, Electronum, DigitalNote, etc. The mining algorithm of any of the above mentioned currencies is the same.

The first thing is that you need to register and create a wallet in the selected network. Next is the mining pool selection, enter the wallet address and update the account. After that, you only need to install the necessary software and perform simple settings to start mining.


Monero was launched in 2014. This is a cryptocurrency that emphasizes transaction privacy. Monero uses a proof-of-work algorithm to verify transactions.


This digital asset can be used in conjunction with CPU mining, which makes it an excellent choice for miners with small budgets.


Dogecoin was launched as a “spoof digital currency” on December 8, 2013. Today, it has become one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world, with a market value of more than $350 million.


This makes it still attractive for investment and mining. Dogecoin mining method is similar to Monero.


Zcash is also a cryptocurrency that focuses on privacy protection, and its operation principle is the same as that of other cryptocurrencies.

z coin


Its blockchain consists of blocks that store information about transactions. Miners confirm these blocks and get rewards for them.

Darma Cash(DMCH)

DMCH is a high-speed blockchain based on XMR, which integrates the most advanced privacy technology to achieve true private addresses, hidden financial data, disguised identities, untraceable IP,

private smart contracts and oracle and atomic exchange technologies DeFi. DMC is the forefront of a new generation of anonymous blockchain. Maximum number: 460 million.


Tellor (TRB) is a decentralized Oracle oracle network platform used to integrate high-value off-chain data into Ethereum .


The system uses controversial miner network competition to solve PoW problems, monitors user data requests on the chain, and monitors and receives data requests off the chain.

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