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What Is Cryptocurrency Arbitrage?



Cryptocurrency Arbitrage

What Is Cryptocurrency Arbitrage?

Cryptocurrency arbitrage refers to the simultaneous buying and selling of digital currencies on different exchanges to profit from price differences between platforms. Cryptocurrency arbitrage is an extension of arbitrage in more traditional markets and environments.

Through arbitrage, this concept has almost no risk, because traders only buy and sell digital assets at the same time and there is no market risk. In the cryptocurrency world, the sharp increase in transaction volume between trading platforms has led to the price difference of various tokens.

Please note that leading exchanges are responsible for driving market prices. Since smaller trading platforms do not immediately convert prices based on trends in large exchanges, arbitrage opportunities usually arise.

How do cryptocurrency arbitrage opportunities arise?

As mentioned earlier, the difference in trading volume between the two cryptocurrency exchanges promotes arbitrage opportunities. When the exchange has high trading volume and good liquidity for a particular coin, a difference occurs. The end result is cheaper prices.

On the other hand, we use the limited supply of a given digital currency for cryptocurrency exchanges. The price of this coin is very expensive. Traders make a profit by buying coins from the former and selling them on the second exchange.

When traders buy coins on smaller trading platforms and sell them on larger trading platforms, the second opportunity for cryptocurrency arbitrage arises.

Please note that these exchanges are not connected in any way. When the trading volume of some trading platforms is low, the listed prices will not be adjusted to the trading average immediately. Therefore, there is indeed a price difference between the two exchanges, which leads to arbitrage opportunities.

To be good at cryptocurrency arbitrage, you need to manually monitor the market. Look at factors such as price differences, and continue trading. After determining a certain offer, estimate the cost you will incur.

View transaction, network and wallet fees. In addition, please continue to pay attention to the risks of cryptocurrency arbitrage. Finally, estimate the amount of tax you will pay and continue.

If you cannot manually monitor the market, we have designed an arbitrage robot online to track price movements as easily as possible.

Some robots are compatible with web browsers and mobile applications. Platforms such as Blockfolio can also simplify the market monitoring process. Another good tool for trading is Cryptohopper-you can check our cryptocurrency hopper review.

Profitable arbitrage trading strategy

The ultimate goal of arbitrage trading is to make a profit. Therefore, we have various strategies to deploy, which will definitely bring you some profits. We have a simple arbitrage strategy. This strategy involves buying and selling the same coins immediately on two different exchanges.

Another strategy is triangular arbitrage. This method requires the use of price differences between the three currencies. For example, buy BTC in US dollars, sell it to earn euros, and then exchange these euros into US dollars.

Triangular arbitrage opportunities can also be used in cryptocurrency exchanges. Finally, we have convergence arbitrage. It involves buying cryptocurrencies in an undervalued market and selling them short on a high-value exchange.

Advantages of cryptocurrency arbitrage

There are many reasons why you should provide opportunities for cryptocurrency arbitrage. Here are some advantages associated with arbitrage.

The first bonus is the potential profit. Depending on the type of exchange you choose, arbitrage trading may take a few seconds. This is the return that makes you profitable. Please note that you must conduct extensive research before trading to obtain profit.

You will also be exposed to a large number of exchanges. We have more than 180 exchanges worldwide. Once you start arbitrage trading, you will explore more exchanges, thereby increasing your chances of making profits. In addition, you can get an exchange that suits your needs and switch.

The dangers associated with arbitrage trading

Generally, cryptocurrency arbitrage is a good way to make short-term profits. However, we encountered many obstacles and risks in this process. You must overcome these factors to realize the full potential of arbitrage trading.

Store cryptocurrency in a hot wallet. With arbitrage trading, you need to store coins in the exchange wallet so that you can use them immediately when opportunities arise.

However, exchange wallets are not the safest option. If a hacker attack occurs, you will eventually lose your money. Before you start trading, it is good to be aware of this possibility.

Processing delay. This obstacle is familiar with the forgotten coin. When the coins you plan to sell are no longer profitable, the transfer may take several days.

You can use a cryptocurrency browser to check the average confirmation time and how many confirmations the exchange receiving the transfer requires.

Limited withdrawals. If you plan to make a large transaction, withdrawal restrictions may hinder you. Always pay attention to the daily limit you can withdraw from your wallet.

Exchange fees. Most cryptocurrency exchanges charge fees for transactions and deposits and/or withdrawals. Consider such expenses so that your profitability at the end of the day is not affected.

Potential competition. Cryptocurrency arbitrage trading is becoming more and more popular, and more and more traders are exploring this field. Therefore, we may increase competition, which may affect profitability.

Factors to consider before arbitrage trading

It is no secret that cryptocurrencies are highly speculative, volatile and complex. In addition, cryptocurrency investment also brings risks. The same applies to arbitrage trading blockchain.

Therefore, before you start trading, you need to consider many factors. The following are some things to note;

Keep track of the new list. Please pay attention to the new coins listed on the exchange. Monitor cryptocurrency news from trusted outlets. Please note that if the asset has only recently been added to the exchange, the demand for coins on this website is limited. You may get a big price difference.

Avoid Bitcoin transfers. With cryptocurrency arbitrage trading, the transfer of funds needs to be fast. A slowdown in trading can have a negative impact on your profitability. Bitcoin transactions are slow, so you may eventually fail. Consider faster cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum.

Consider the credibility of the exchange. Processing cryptocurrency transactions has its own risks. Therefore, it is very important to carefully choose the exchange you wish to use.

Conduct research and focus on exchanges that have not encountered security breaches recently. Check customer reviews to get a clear understanding of where the exchange is in the market.


There are many opportunities in cryptocurrency trading. Obviously, arbitrage is a future opportunity for many traders. In order to make money through this method, always make sure that you have completed your research and found the perfect arbitrage opportunity.

Then, you will make a decision based on costs, taxes and risks. It is also important to note that you need some arbitrage transactions to pay for your deposits, withdrawal fees and taxes. By considering all these factors: fees, risks, taxes, you can increase the profit of cryptocurrency arbitrage.

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